WHY WMRescue?

The White Mountain Rescue was created by Nepal law to provide Search and Rescue training, Mountain Rescue, Disaster Preparedness and Humanitarian Assistance. The Institute is a dynamic organization providing training services through a "high standard and practical" concept. This concept is designed to accommodate international, national and local needs through training delivered anytime, anyplace, or anywhere in Nepal and abroad. In other hand, WMRescue is an outdoor training institute that specialized in providing the highest quality rescue training, wilderness education and technical instruction.  WMRescue training Programs take place in some of the Himalayan regions, but we can do anyplace and anywhere in Nepal or Abroad. We are trying to have a Safe Himalayan & Safe Nepal. We do the highest standards for safety, risk management, rescue training and programming in the field of outdoor education.

We also conduct a spectrum of disaster management courses. These programs include preparedness, risk reduction, planning and management of natural and manmade disasters for professional groups like search and rescue teams, government agencies, NGO`s, public services and professional educators. We going ahead for a safe Nepal.  White Mountain Rescue programs are exciting, divers, comprehensive and fun. We invite you to join us for an unparalleled rescue learning experience!



The breadth of practical experience, range of programming, well developed courses, effective real models, and dedication to the highest standards make our courses Beyond The Standards. The most important priority and factors of our courses including: Exceptional instructors, Group size, Safety, Quality of services, Social and environmental commitment, Best outdoor equipment and Range of programs. We go ahead by real model, by leading, by teaching, by doing, by experience.These  tenets define the WMRescue experiential real model.